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Medical Math

This class will focus on the math skills that are needed in entry-level medical training. We will cover working with whole numbers, fractions, decimals, and percents. Learn conversion of one unit to another. i.e. changing 4.0 grams to milligrams, 400.0 milliliters to liters, and changing English units to metric units.  i.e. 4.0 pints are how many liters? The class will also cover reading graphs and using ratios and proportions. i.e. if a 180 pound patient needs 2.0 grams of medicine, how much does a 110 pound patient need? The emphasis in the class will be to understand and apply the working math needed in the medical professions.

Dates Times Days Instructor Fees
1/14/195/06/19 5:30pm8:30pm Mo Dunlap, William (Chris) $0

Class Location
Placer School for Adults, 3775 Richardson Dr. Auburn CA 95602

PSA Rm 20


  • For more information about registration please call (530) 885-8585