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Advanced Photography for SLR Photographers

This class will focus on mastering the key features of your SLR camera.  You will finally be able to move beyond automatic to the Creative Modes of Shutter Priority, Aperture Priority, Program and Manual.  ISO, White Balance and bracketing also will be discussed.  We will learn about aperture and f/stops and what impact they have on your picture's depth of field.  Micro four thirds cameras are welcome.  The SLR camera has a removable lens, plus the ability to control speed and exposure separately (such as S, or Tv, A or Av, M).  Handouts will be provided. No experience necessary.

Dates Times Days Instructor Fees
3/20/194/03/19 1pm3:30pm We Salisbury, Roy $44.00

Class Location
Tech/Adult Center

Computer Lab 13055 Bill Francis Drive, Auburn


  • For more information about registration please call (530) 885-8585