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You need to be 18 years old to attend adult ed classes. There are no boundary restrictions, so you can attend any adult school that is in the area.

At Placer School for Adults: Some classes in CTE at the offer online registration, some require attending an orientation (Clinical Medical Assistant) For GED, High School Completion, please make an appointment to see a counselor and to attend an orientation/assessment session.

For ESL, please arrive early to class. The instructor will assist you in registration for class. For Distance Learning, please call the office

Yes, that is one of the main goals of adult school, to support you in finishing high school, which could be through earning a few more credits to gain a high school diploma, or by completing a high school equivalency test like the GED.

Many classes are offered and available to you throughout the Placer and Nevada County region/consortium. You can also find many adult schools throughout California.

Make an appointment with the local school counselor.

If you need to speak with a counselor, please call the adult school for a schedule and/or to make an appointment. If your class/course is available through the online registration, you can register at any time for an upcoming class.

In adult education, classes continue with enrollment throughout the year. Some classes are short in duration, and often repeat through the semester. Some classes are open entry, which means you may be able to start at any time (a counselor will assist with these classes). Classes and course catalogs are typically built and advertised each semester. Class catalogs can be found on school websites.

The adult schools in our consortium do not currently offer online courses. Some classes do broadcast in real time on Facebook.

Adult school websites will often post their current Catalog of Classes. Some adult schools will create a printed catalog and distribute throughout the nearby communities. Some adult school are on Facebook. You could “Like” the adult school on Facebook to get continuous information and news about upcoming classes and events and job opportunities in the area.

At the Placer School for Adults Career Center, you will find may supporting classes, and services to help you find a job. Also Career Counseling is offered for free (appointment is necessary).

At Placer School for Adults Career Center, we offer classes that inform you of the many ways to search for a job. The center also provides periodic “hiring events.” The Placer School for Adults Facebook page also posts jobs. Many of our agency partners area also available to support you in your job search.

Each adult school offers some CTE courses. Sierra College offers CTE courses.

Each adult school offers an orientation/assessment to get you placed in the right level for maximum results.

The time to complete is different for everyone, and is based on your ability to set a goal and be committed to finishing. The normal adult life is very busy with many responsibilities and obligations that can impact the time you can devote to study, but the adult schools are ready to assist.

You can usually request your records be sent to you from the schools you have attended. A school counselor may be able to assist you.

Some schools may have financial aid. Please check with each school.

Some adult schools offer GED classes in Spanish (Placer School for Adults, and Roseville Adult School).

Some books are provided at no cost. Some courses may require you to purchase the books.

Roseville Adult School has child care at the ESL class offered at Crestmont Elementary School.

Sierra College offers onsite child development centers.

Placer County Office of Education Child Care Resource and Referral

Sierra Nevada Children’s Services (SNCS)
SNCS Grass Valley – (530) 272-8866
SNCS Loyalton – (530) 993-1128
SNCS Truckee – (530) 587-5960

Most schools have bus service that runs nearby.

Click on the school you would like more information for and you will be directed to the school profile page.